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Ancient Period: Paleolithic period and Neolithic period. The already discovered historical sites of Zunyi ancients mainly include the Yanhui Cave in Jiuba, Tongzi, Maanshan North Cave and South Cave in Tongzi, Donggongsi Fengmao Mountain in Huichuan District, Shuanglongdayou Cave in Xishui County, Longshan Mountain in Zunyi County and Xintian Village, Fengle Town of Wuchuan Autonomous County.

7飞龙赤壁余庆外宣供图1.jpgFeiLong ChiBi 1414719204309.jpgXiangshan Temple 04 美酒河风光-付树湘摄影.jpgWine River 1414719037975.jpgCity overlooking 1280977987413.jpgThe Red ZunYi

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