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Dendrobiura Nobile Lind Seedling Breeding and GAP Planting Base Construction in Chishui City
2006年12月2日 00:00:00   Source:Zunyi Attract Invstment    Investment Service

Project Undertaking Unit: Xintian Dendrobe industry  Development Co., Ltd, Chishui City

Project Basic Situation:

Overall Plan: To establish a Jinchai Dendrobe Seedling Breeding Base with area 60 Mu; m establish a standardization planter dendrobe GAP base with area 30,000 Mu.

Project Layout: Jinchai dendrobe seedling breeding base is distributed in Xinchun Village of Wanglong Town in Chishui City. The Dendrobe GAP Standardizaiion Planter Bases are distributed in 12 villages of Chishui City such as Wanglong Town, Changqi Town, BingAn Village and so on.

Operation Pattern: The project is carried on the unification construction plan, the unification provide seedling, the unification technology regulations, the unification material disposition, the unification product purchase and the unification management pattern, it leads the peasant household to plant the dendrobe large scalely by the pattern of "company + base + peasant household".

Project Construction Necessity: Dendrobe has the extremely high for medicinal purposes value.

Dendrobe, Dendrobium nobile lindl] whose another name is chlorophytum comosum belongs to the orchid dendrobium plant, it is a constantly used precious traditional Chinese medicine which is gathered by the 2000 Version "the Chinese Pharmacopoeia". All previous dynasties book on Chinese medicine and the nowadays national pharmacopoeia have the records, it has the obvious treatment function on diseases such as cardiovascular, digesting system and respiration system, ophthalmogy department and so on. Dendrobium has the name "the world immortal grass". Dendrobium nobile lindl is the raw material for medicine born in Chishui. The Chishui Ciiy is original habitat of Dendrobium nobile lindl, as excessively excavation, Dendrobium nobJle lindl now need to be protected.

According lo the market investigation, the 160 domestic manufacture enterprises which take the endrobium as the raw material drugs need 15,000 tons every year. Just like the two markets medicine industry in Jiangsu and Zhejiang need more than 8,000 tons every year.

Project Pre-period Working Condition: At present, it has completed theuge and the location renovates of 60 Mu seedlings breeding base, the irragation been installed and built 20 big awnings for Dendrobium nobile lindl nearly. It is estimated that it can comprehensively complete the base

construction in the next year spring. The GAP standardization planter base of Dendrobium nobile lindl has been completed the overall plan, the present work is to carry out the cultivation area in this year fall and the next year spring.

Construction Scale and Main Content:

1. Dendrobium nobile lindl seedling breeding base. To establish a 60 Mu Dcndrobium Nobile Lindl group to cultivate seedling breeding and a domesticate factor>' (base). including (1) a 1,500 square meters building of Dendrobium nobile lindl group , among those, Dendrobium Nobile LindI Research and Breeding Room is 400 square meters, the Production Technology Training Room is 300 square meters, the Staff Dormitorie and Office 800 square meters; 12i the Domesticate Field of the group cultivate seedling is 25 Mu, to cultivate the >'early 6.75 million of domesticates seedling of Dendrobium nobile lindI group; (3) the Standardized Planter Demonstration Base of Dendrobium nobile lindl is 17 Mu, Dendrobium nobile lindl GAP Demonstration Plant is 11 Mu and 6 Mu of Imitates Primary Condition Demonstration Plant.

       2. The Standardization Planter Base of Dendrobium nobile lindl GAP. To develop the total area Dendrobium nobile lindl 30,000 Mu, the area of Dendrobium nobile lindl group for cultivating seedling is 24,721 Mu, the area of Dendrobium nobile lindI wild seeds is 10,000 Mu.  Project Total Investment and investment Constitution:

       Total Investment: 154.187 million Yuan. Among those, the 60 Mu base which is for the Dendrobium nobile lindl seedlings fast breeding are invested 4.187 million Yuan. The 30,000 Mu land base construction

investment is 50 million Yuan.

Cooperation Mode: Sole proprietorship, stock.

Economic and Social Effect: it can maintain the raw material for medicine resources of Chishui tunnel Dendrobium effectively, by establishing the Dendrobium cultivation base and changing the wildly Dendrobium into an artificially plants, and it also can provide the high qualit5 raw material of medicine of Dendrobium raw material for the drugs manufacture enterprises and promote the development of drugs manufacture enterprises by establishing the Dendrobium cultivation base; at the same time, the project conformed with the GEF goal of environment resources conservation, it has protected the Chishui region biodiversity. The implementation of the project can lead the farmers in the project district to realize the increase of income and enhance the living standard in large scale.

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