Name Card of the City

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  1、National Famous Historical Cities: In 1982, State Council announced the first 24 famous historical cities and Zunyi was on the list. Zunyi has “Long March Culture” series centralizing on location of Zunyi Conference, historical cultural series including “Shatan Culture” “Yinzhen Culture” “Yelang Culture” “Tusi Culture” and etc.. On the aspect of architecture, it has the frame of “Twins city” facing to each other. Simple and harmonic urban atmosphere and Historic and Cultural Scene presenting a picture of “Mountains and city decorate for each other while Xiang River is crossing through the city.” 


  2、A National Model City for Supporting Government and Army: In 1991, Zunyi was elected as National Model City for Supporting Government and Army because it persists on supporting  military and local leader to manage working leadership system of both parts, coordinate the health development of work. After that, Zunyi won the prize for several times running. Supporting army and government is the main work to stabilized military, develop cohesion among them and people.  


  3、The National Model Prize for Residential Environment 

  In 2001, Zunyi was elected as The National Model Prize for Residential Environment. Since Zunyi county was remaned to Zunyi city, urban construction and management have make deep development by enhancing spiritual civilization, improve civilization, raise the awareness of hygiene, complete infrastructure construction and strengthen city’s comprehensive function. As the result, the quality of people’s production and living environment has been increased, the image of city is changed and the environment for investment promotion and capitals attraction has been improved. Since April 2000, Zunyi applied for The National Model Prize for Residential Environment to Ministry of Construction. Nov. 28th, 2001, Ministry of Construction officially nominated the project “Old City Reconstruction and Urban Environmental Comprehensive Treatment” as The National Model Prize for Residential Environment. 


  4The National Afforestation Model City, National Model City of Gardening and Afforestation, The National Model Prize for Residential Environment 

  Green plants are the precious resources in Zunyi and the foundation of sustainable development. Guizhou is said to be “the Province of Parks”. And Zunyi is the “the Garden of Gardens”. The ides of love, plants and protecting green plants are printed into people’s mind. Zunyi become an ecological shelter on the upstream of Yangzi River. 


  5Chinese Excellent Tourism City 

  Zunyi is a city with abundant tourism resources in Guizhou province and the number one city of red tourism. Its tourism resources are multiple, areas are aboard and lines are long. A wide selection of resources can be found here. City committee and government regard tourism as a subsequent pillar and emerging industry. They concentrate on creating products of “red tourism” represented by location of Zunyi Conference, of “ecotourism” represented by Chishui and Xishui, of “national liquor culture” represented by Maotai and of “regional culture tourism” represented by Hailongtun and Shatan. Basically, there are almost 30 spots has developed and put into operation. The infrastructure and management system has been improved in order to build a leisure city with beautiful environment, complete facilities, high civilization and unique landscape. 

  In 2005, Zunyi was elected as Chinese Excellent Tourism City. And the location of Zunyi Conference, Loushanguan and other six spots was evaluated and promoted on the list of 4A, 3A, 2A scenic spots by the China National Tourism Administration. Except for site of Zunyi Conference, of Longshanguan Battle, the “red tourism” still contains battle sites including Crossing Wujiang River, Four-time Crossing Chishui, Honghuagang Laoyashan battle, Qinggang battle, Lubanchang battle and other sites such as Establishment of Goubei “Three-people Military Group”, the General Political Department of Red Army, the Soviet state Bank in Chin the General Hospital of Red Army, Congress Hall of Ten Thousand people, Revolutionary committee and used house of Mao Zedong, Zhang Wentian, Wang Jiaxiang, and Bogu.  


  6National Forest City 

  On April 27th 2010, National Afforestation Committee and the State Forestry Administration dubbed Zunyi the name of National Forest City. Recently, Zunyi regards urban forest as important as other methods to improve ecological environment, promote urban economy and construct lodgeable.  

  Projects, such as the Green construction program, vocation for planting forest, tearing down the wall for plants, making full advantages of land to plant provide people an beautiful environment with plantsflower and singing birds. From 2005 to 2009, the government invested 2.9 billion yuan into forest construction. At the same time, the government persists on sophisticated methods to collect capitals and it encourages corporate and personal investment to urban afforestation. Currently, the area of forest in Zunyi city covers 48.56% of the whole city area. vegetation area covers 226.64 billion m2 while the per capita green area is 9.5 m2. So far 2.7223 million mu (1 mu equals to 0.0006667 km2) ecological forest construction has been completed. The projection of returning farmland to forest and seeding afforestation cover an area of 4.237 million mu. Seeding Afforestation Project is 1.9 million mu. During the last decades, forest coverage rate increasing to an annual rate of more than 1%. A complete ecological forest system provides biological protection for upstream of Yangzi River and corridor of railroad for development of western ecological tourism. 



  7. National Famous City of Alcoholic Culture: Zunyi was regarded as the hometown of liquor. Chinese Maotai which enjoys equal popularity with Brandy and Whisky comes from Zunyi. At the same time, National famous liquor, such as Dong, Xi, Meijiao, Zhen and etc. are from here. The liquor with high quality from different section and province includes Xishui Daqu, Yaxijiao. The five scents of liquor in China, types of liquor in Zunyi contains three of them. And Maotai liquor and Dong liquor are the representatives of combination of “Jiangxiang” and “others” scent. Achievements of fermented technology conducted by people in Zunyi during the long history integrate with the vital impact of liquor to social life, which forms an extended “liquor culture” with rich content in Zunyi and make Zunyi unique in history, culture and ecology. 


  8The Top Ten National Afforestation City 

  In March 2000, Zunyi was elected as the advanced afforestation group representing Guizhou province to accept the award, The Top Ten National Afforestation City, from National Afforestation Committee at the 18th meeting.  


   In 1999, Zunyi applied for The Top Ten National Afforestation City to National Afforestation Committee. After the Provincial Afforestation Committee finished initial evaluation and recommendation to National Afforestation Committee, they organized experts to exam whether Zunyi is qualified. Experts confirmed achievement of afforestation in Zunyi and a universal obligation to plant. The forest coverage is 35.2%, urban afforestation coverage is 36%, the rate of obligation to plant is 90%, which was a leader in the country and meet criteria of The Top Ten National Afforestation City. 


  9National Advanced City of Gardening and AfforestationIn 2002, Zunyi was elected as National Advanced City of Gardening and Afforestation by Ministry of Construction. Since Zunyi renamed Zunyi city, it pays a lot attention to construction of gardening and afforestation.  

  In 2000, the government came up with the idea of strengthen construction of garden and afforestation by conducting research on building a national gardening and afforestation city. After two years, the work showed show early results. The greening rate, green coverage, and the per capita green area had increased and expanded a lot. Construction of gardening city basically achieved combination of point, line and area and now tends to be standard and normalized. Zunyi has made new achievement in aspect of building a national garden city and of constructing afforestation. 



  10National Garden City 

  In 2005, Zunyi was elected as National Garden City after evaluation and examination. Zunyi has one national scenic region, Chishui Scenic Region which contains falls, Nanzhu forest, Suoluo woodlot, Danxia landform, and original forest as the center. There are plenty of famous scenery, such as Ten-Zhang Cave Fall, Zhong Cave fall, 

  There are plenty of famous scenery, such as Ten-Zhang Cave Fall, Zhong Cave fall, Sigou Cave Falls, Zhuhai Forest Park, Yanzi Rock Scenic Site, Suoluo Natural Reserve, Gangou Falls, and other historical cultural scenery around Bingan Ancient Town, Datong Ancient Town and Yuanhou Ferry which is the ferry when the Red Army crossed the Chishui River. 

  There are other three national scenic regions, one national ecological demonstration area, and three municipal scenic regions. Dabanshui Forest Park that was elected as National Forest Park recently, locates near to central area. Its area is 3,131 hectares. It is a genetic treasure of comprehensive genes with abundant landscapes, picturesque sceneries, hick forest and 109-family, 407-specie xylophyta


  11National Sanitary City 

  In 2012, Zunyi was elected as National Sanitary City after evaluation and examination. In order to build a national sanitary city, the people’s government implement the infrastructure construction of fundamental sanitation including sewage disposal, garbage disposal, public toilet construction and retrofit. All of these actions create a suitable and beautiful living environment and built a long-term mechanism for strengthening management. 

  12National Advanced City for Entrepreneurship  In 2012, Zunyi was elected ad National Advanced City for Entrepreneurship at National Entrepreneurship Honored Conference held by the State Council. Since Zunyi was selected as one of  the first group pilot entrepreneurial cities, it focus on construction of “Five systems”, centers on “Two Advancements, One Promotion”, makes full advantages of policies, strengthen guide service for entrepreneurs, optimizes the environment for them. And then, the system of promoting entrepreneurship to increase employment had been formed, which created Zunyi’s specialty and experience. 


  13National Advanced Region for Reform of Cultural System In 2012, Zunyi was elected as National Advanced Region for Reform of Cultural System. The Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, Ministry of Culture, The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, and the General Administration of Press and Publication announced the nomination. Zunyi enforced the idea of national and provincial cultural system reform, targeted at building a city with rich culture, gave full play to its own advantages of resources, deepened the cultural system reform, and completed the task of reform. 


  14National Advanced City for Blood Donation:;In 2013, Zunyi was elected as National Advanced City for Blood Donation. Since the Blood Donation Act had been implemented, Zunyi had won this honor for six times. 


  15National Outstanding City for Overall Administration of Public SecurityIn 2013, Zunyi was elected as National Advanced City for Comprehensive Security and won award of “Changan Cup” National Outstanding City for Overall Administration of Public Security for five consecutive times. The award of National Outstanding City for Overall Administration of Public Security holds once per four years. Only if you win for three consecutive times, you can get the “Changan Cup” From 1993 to 2013, Zunyi guaranteed high-level overall administration of public security. Central Committee for Comprehensive Management of Public Security awarded Zunyi as National Outstanding City for Overall Administration of Public Security, which confirms its efforts. For a long time, city committee and government brought administration of public security into overall plan for economy and society, made plans to safely carry out  “11th Five-Year Plan” “12th Five-Year Plan”, and used creative way to work and administrate overall public security. New innovative mode of social management, such as “Yuqing experience” and etc., has been implemented around the city and country. Zunyi takes social management leaded by main leaders in committee and government and in counties into evaluation system set permissions for them to get to files. The result of evaluation system is important evidence to get promotion and award. Meanwhile, tightening the implementation of Five Ministries Co-chair Meeting System and strictly enforcing one-vote veto system provide insurance for overall administration of public security and peace-building. 

16 National Demonstration Region of the Public Cultural Service System: In 2013, Zunyi was elected as National Demonstration Region of the Public Cultural Service System, the only city got the award in Guizhou, one of the 28 regions that were qualified. During the construction, Zunyi focused on a batch of modern sports facilities presenting symbolic culture and characters of the city, and speeded up reconstruction of current sports facilities and supporting construction of basic sports facilities.