Geographic Location

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  Zunyi locates on the south-western China, northern Guizhou province and north-eastern Yungui platitude. It is the second big and innovative city in Guizhouo province, the production base of critical agricultural products, the politic cultural and economic center of northern Qian (another name of Guizhou), historical city in China and one of the energetic foundations of “West-to-East Natural Gas Transmission Project”.  The geographic location of Zunyi is from 27°8’N to 29°13’N, from 105°36′E to 108°13′E. The west-east longitude is 254KILO METERS and south-north longitude is 230.5KILO METERS. Zunyi shares a border to the north with Chongqing, to the south with provincial city, Guiyang, to the east with Tongren city, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomouus Prefecture in Guizhou province, to the south-west with Sichuan province. It is 140KILO METERS from downtown of Zunyi to Guiyang and 239KILO METERS to Chongqing. The total area of Zunyi city is 30,762 m2 which is 17.5% provincial total area.