Administrative Division

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  Till the end of 2013, there are 2 districts, 8 counties, 2 minority autonomous counties, 2 cities and Xinpu New District under the jurisdiction. They are Honghuagang District, Yuchuan District, Zunyi County Tongzi County, Suiyang County, Zhengan County, Fenggang County, Meitan County, Yuqing County Xishui County, Daozhen Qilao and Miao  Autonomous Prefecture, Wuchuan Qilao and Miao  Autonomous Prefecture, Huairen City, Chishui City and Xinpu New District. There are 164 towns, 55 villages, 8 ethic villages and 17 subdistrict offices. The municipal people’s government locates on Renmin Road, Huichuan District.