Wu-Zheng-Dao Coal, Electricity, Aluminum sustainable Economic industrial park (Wuchuan, Zhengan, Daozhen)

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  The total planning area of this park is 11.62km2. Its leading industries are alumina, electrolytic aluminum, and aluminum manufacturing. Until the end of 2014, it has also invested 2.213 billion yuan into fixed asset. Among these investments, 66 million yuan has been invested into infrastructure, 2.147 billion yuan has been invested into industrial projects. The gross industrial output value of 2014 was 737 million yuan, taking up 105.2% of the annual program. Also there is new built standard plant 60700 m2, 6 new starting enterprises. 

  Address: 4th Floor, Finance Bureau, Wuchuan County.

  Tel: 0851-25590666

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