Yuqin County industrial park

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  This park is under the administration of Yuqin Economic Development District. It has a total planning area of 25km2, with 3.2km2 planning space at its beginning stage. New pharmaceutical and special food industry, chemical industry and equipment manufacturing industry are leading industries. Since the completion of this park, 4.42 billion yuan has already been invested into fixed asset, among these investments, 2.103 billion yuan has been invested into infrastructure, and 2.317 billion yuan has been invested into industrial projects. This park has achieved 7.94 billion yuan gross industrial output value in 2014. There is newly built standard plant 0.11 million square meters, 1 sewage disposal plant, 23km water supply and drainage pipe network. There are 64 settled enterprises, 31 of them have been put into operation, providing 6191jobs to this district.

  Address: Huancheng Avenue, Yuqin County.



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