Honghuagang Medicine industry park

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  This park is under the administration of Honghuagang Economic Development District. According to the municipal strategic plan “Evacuate two, enter three, withdraw from city, and move into industry park”, the original Zhongzhuang Medicine industry park has been removed to Shenxi County. Since the completion of the park in 2004, 5.3 billion yuan has already been invested into fixed asset, among these investments, 3.7 billion yuan has been invested into infrastructure, and 1.6 billion yuan has been invested into industrial projects. It has accumulatively achieved 1.46 billion yuan gross industrial output value. There is newly built standard plant 0.14 million square meters. It takes comprehensive healthy medicine as its leading industry which contains medicine & health products producing, medical treatment, pharmaceutical logistics, commerce exhibition, medical training, cultural experience, heath maintenance, health management service, traditional Chinese medicinal growing sightseeing tourism. The waste water is poured and disposed in Shenxi sewage disposal plant of Xiangjiang Industry Park.

  Address: Fuxin Village, Shenxi Town, Zunyi City


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