Xishui Liquor Industrial Park

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  This park is under the administration of Xishui Economic and Development District, covering an area of 15 km2 and including three districts: Tucheng Project District, Xijiu Project District and Linta Project District. The current developed area is 3.3km2. The liquor is leading industry in Xishui Liquor Industrial Park. Until the end of 2014, it has invested 3.296 billion yuan into fixed assets. Among these investments, 0.986 billion yuan has been invested into infrastructure while 2.31 billion yuan has been invested into industrial projects. Xishui Liquor Industrial Park has achieved gross industrial output value of 7.946 billion yuan. The park also has attracted 2.27 billion yuan investments and contributed 1.913 billion yuan to revenue. The enterprises with certain grade and scale are 15 and the standard workshops cover an area of 6.21 billion yuan km2 while 6.08 billion yuan km2 have been put into use. There are 12 completed sewage disposal plants and 3 ones are under construction.

  Address: Xijiu Town, Xishui County



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