Zhengan Ruixin Industrial Park

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  This park is established in 2011. The long-term plan contains17km2, short-term plan is 7.39km2 and central area covers 2.89km2. The specialized local products and emerging industries (Guitar culture) are leading industry in Zhengan Ruixin Industrial Park. Until the end of 2014, it has invested 3.9845 billion yuan into fixed assets. Zhengan Ruixin Industrial Park has achieved gross industrial output value of 2.162 billion yuan. Domestic investment is 1.85 billion yuan. Registered capital is 3.71 billion yuan. The total volume of foreign trade is 10 million USD. General financial revenue is 0.1 billion yuan.  Now, there are 1810 increasing employees and 1.915 billion yuan invested capitals (0.755 billion yuan comes from other provinces.) The actual installed capital is 1.7 billion yuan. So far, infrastructure of water, electricity and road are pretty completed. There are standard workshops in the park covering 350,000 km2 and one sewage disposal plant that has capability to deal with 5000 tons sewage every day.

  AddressRuihao Village, Anchang Town, Zhengan County



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