Daozhen Shangyu Industrial Park

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  The area of Daozhen Shangyu Industrial Park is 30 km2 while the first phase is 10 km2. The equipment manufacturing industry, mineral industry, food and medicine are leading industry in Daozhen Shangyu Industrial Park. Until the end of 2014, it has invested 2 billion yuan into fixed assets. Among these investments, 0.644 billion yuan has been invested into infrastructure while 1.356 billion yuan has been invested into industrial projects. Daozhen Shangyu Industrial Park has achieved 1.138 billion yuan gross industrial output value, which takes up 113.6% of the annual program. The park also has built new standard plants covering 0.1 million square meters and the occupancy rate is 100%. The public rental houses cover an area of 50,000 square meters. Now, there are 68 enterprises entering into the park, 31 standard workshops. 31 enterprises chose the location independently. And now, 40 enterprises have brought into production. Until now, the year-on-year growth rate is 26.3%. The new enterprises with certain grade and scale is 15 and they increased 26,508 million yuan to industrial added value and 14,543 million yuan to tax revenues whose year-on-year growth rate is 21%. The total employees are 3954. The length of the road in the park is 15 km2. Electricity supply line is 14.07 km2. Two sewage disposal plants are under construction, containing 5.2-kilometer new water supply and drainage network.

  Address Shangbei Village, Daozhen Autonomous County Telephone0851—25970678         


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