Investment Environment in Zunyi

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Name Card of City

  National Famous Historical and Cultural Cities 

  National Famous City of Alcoholic Culture 

  Chinese Excellent Tourism Cities 

  National Sanitary City 

  National Garden City 

  The National Afforestation Model City 

  National Model City of Gardening and Afforestation 

  The National Model Prize for Residential Environment 

  National Outstanding City for Overall Administration of Public Security 

  A National Advanced City for Legal Publication and Education 

  A National Advanced City for Urban Civilized Establishment 

  A National Model City for Supporting Government and Army 

  A National Forest City 


Superior Geographical Position


  Zunyi locates on the north-eastern Yungui Plateau and upstream of Yangzi River. Zunyi borders Chongqing to the north, Sichuan to the west and Guiyang to the south. Zunyi is a vital line of the south-western China because it is a focal zone between the Chengyu (the abbreviation of Chengdu and Chongqing)economic circle and central economic circle in Qian(the abbreviation of Guizhou), one corner of the “Gold triangle” economic region of transcending development built by Guizhou province. The superior location is of great benefits for Zunyi to integrate into Chengyu economic zone, Yangzi River Delta Economic Zone, Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, which will make Zunyi become a new popular investment spot and a leading place of industrial development. 




Convenient Transportation


  HighwayThere are four highways Qian-Yu, Hang-Rui, Zun-Shui, and Ren-Chi-Xi, including 611km traffic mileage. During the twelfth Five-Year Plan, the spatial structure of highway network will be completed and the traffic mileage is 1100km. 


  RailwayAt present, Yu-Qian railway is fast and convenient. When Yu-Qian bullet train is finished, it will just take 40 minutes to arrive at Chongqing from Zunyi, 20 minutes to arrive at Guiyang from Zunyi. 


  Air TransportationXinzhou Airport in Zunyi has started new routes to Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou and other 15 cities. Now, Maotai Airport is under construction. Northern Qian will be in operation for construction in a short time. 


  Water TransportationThe navigation channel starts from Wujiang and Chishui River passing Chishuigang, Peiling, Chongqing and then moving forward to Yangzi River.  


Abundant Resources


  More than 60 minerals have been found here. It is of great industrial value to explore coal, manganese, aluminum, pyrite, silica, molybdenum, nickel, barium and etc. when they are rich in reserve. Reserve volume of manganese is 54.35 million tons whose provincial proportion is 80% and national proportion is 11%. There are 0.19 billion tons alumina spreading around in Zunyi county, Wuchuan county, Zhengan county and Daozhen county. The predicted volume of coal is 26 billion tons, the third largest amount in Zunyi city, while 7 billion have been detected and controlled. 3.25 million kilowatts is the reserve volume of water resources and hydropower resourcesthat isavailable for exploitation are 6.07 million kilowatts. Installed capacity of hydropower reached 10 million kilowatts. 




Service Commitments


  1.        Each enterpriseinvesting in Zunyi city will share the privilege of applying for residential certificate for his/her immediate relatives in the location of project. And his/her children will enjoy treatment as equal as local people when they go to nursery and school, are employed, and enjoy health medical insurance. The procedure of attending College Entrance Examination should follow regulations and policies issued by the state. 


  2.        The enterprise, investing (exploring, producing and operating) key industries or development projects in Zunyi, should provide necessary files to commission where is in the same location of project to handle other procedures on behalf of yourself. 


  3.        Each foreign enterprises that invest in Zunyi city can initiate agency service when they requires relative application for administrative licensing. 


  1Main content of agency service: project establishment; authorization request of land, capital verification report, registration, authorization request of electricity utilization and etc... 


  2Municipal and  prefectural Investment Promotion Bureau will handle all agency services and then delivery service items to relevant departments while enterprises should provide complete application files under the requests. 


  3Agency service items should be completed within limited time. 


  4Fees and costs of agency service items should be charged according to relevant regulations and no more extra fees would be charged. 


  Fulfillment within specified time 


  If municipal relevant department is involved with Investment project, the department should promise to complete the matter before specified time within the limits of their respective functions and responsibilities. If the matter is within the limits of higher authority’s respective functions and responsibilities, the municipal relevant department should provide assistance to enterprise. 


  A "One-Stop" Approval System 


  Under the requirements of "One-Stop" Approval System, each municipal functional departments should finish matters including reception, consolation, notification, and profile review and formality enclosure in one window  


  Leadership Responsibility System for critical project 


  The critical projects investing in developing industries and thoseof municipal industrial district would enjoy benefits of Leadership Responsibility System( it is “Five Ones” projectone project, one municipal or prefectural leader taking the lead, one service team, one complete set of work scheme, and continual help).