Introduction of Invested Industries.

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Industry and Critical Investment Points

  Since the Twelfth Five-Year Plan for economic and social development, Zunyi strongly encourages the strategy of “Powerful Industrial City”, promote attracting investments by open policy, and improve development with the help of massive investments. For now, the top ten industrial systems have preliminarily been established containing white wine, new material, equipment manufacturing, resources, chemical industry, tobacco, bamboo processing, special local foods, pharmacy, emerging industry and etc.. There are Guizhou Maotai Winery, Guizhou Steel Refco Group LtdZunyi Titanium Plant, China Tobacco Guizhou Industrial co., LTD and other large enterprises in the district. One national economic and technical development zone and thirteen provincial economic and technical development zones are under planning and constructing while the Policy of Attracting Industrial Investment in Zunyi City has been published. In 2013, the added value of industrial scale had reached to 6,770 billion RMB which were 1/4 of the whole province. The GDP proportion of industries was 47% and became the NO.1 in Guizhou province. 


Critical Investment Points

  The six major industries: specialized light industry, equipment manufacturing, new materials, resources, strategic emerging industry, chemical industry. Others: white wine, tobacco, bamboo processing, special local foods, pharmacy, information and technology and etc...  


Agricultural Development and Critical Investment Points

  Zunyi is said to be “The Barn of Northern Qian( the other name of Guizhou province)”since the yield of agricultural and sideline products, such as rice, oil, tobacco, bamboo, tee, chili and etc., is the largest in Guizhou province. The rice produced in Meitan, Fenggang, and Yuqing won the first place of “High Quality Rice of China”. The tea produced in Meitan, Fenggang, and Yuqing exports to EU and won national gold award. Zunyi is regarded as one of the four producing areas of flue-cured tobacco and as the production base of Chunghwa, Panda Cigarette and Hongta Tobacco Group Company. Zunyi is also main production area of pepper with annual production of 172,000 tons while “Pod pepper” from Shuiyang has been elected as one of the national famous production bases. Precious Chinese medicines, Duzhong, Tianma, Wubeizi, Houpu, Shihu and etc., are rich in Zuyi. In 2013, the added value of agricultural production in Zunyi was the first one in Guizhou province. 

Critical Investment Points:

   Bamboo, pepper, Chinese medicine, tee and other further processing of agricultural and sideline products  


City Construction and Critical Investment Points:

  Zunyi brings into a closer alignment on the purpose of perfecting city functions, improving the living environment, upgrading the taste of city to implement the “Three-wheel Drive” development strategy of new urbanization which includes development of new districts, reconstruction of old districts and construction of small towns. The building area of city construction is 340 hectares, the build-up areas of towns and bigger one are 215 hectares and the build-up areas of downtown reaches 133 hectares. Therefore, the framework of a metropoli with 2 million people is formed. Currently, many companies invest in Zunyi, for instance, SOCAM Development LimitedHK), China Poly Group Cooperation, Evergrande Real Estate Group, Jinke Property Group Co., Ltd, China Railway Engineering Corporation and China State Construction Engineering Corporation. In 2013, the amount investment capitals of urban construction were 90 billion RMB. The percentage of urbanization was 41%. 


Critical Investment Points:

  Former city reconstruction of four areas, four collective development in downtown, county expansion,  demonstrated mode of small  county, promotion of eight projects, urban road network,  Intelligent Community development.  


Tourism Development and Critical Investment Points

  Zunyi has abundant tourism resources. There are one World Natural and Cultural Heritage Site, 36 National Four-Class Tourist Scenic Spots, 9 National-Level Cultural Relics Preservation Units, 8 Landscape and Famous Scenery, 15 Natural Preservation, 18 forest parks, and 2 national geological parks. And almost 100 red tourism resources and scenic spots locate in Zunyi. All the remarkable spots make it the “The Best Tourism Investment City of China”.  Tourism industry in Zunyi hinges around the target of building “pleasant tourism” city and international tourism city, takes the chance of development, innovates working idea, optimizes development environment, pays close attention to work operation and implement. Tourism industry in Zunyi keeps developing rapidly. In 2013, there were 43.02 million people visiting Zunyi, which contributes 35.9 billion RMB to the TOUP.     


Critical Investment Points

   Focusing on protective development of Hailongtui, Beach, Hometown of Yinzhen, Dabanshui and other ecological tourism scenery while centering on development of Zunyi Long March Cultural Exposition, Loushanguan Red-cultural Ecotourism Resort, Red-cultural Innovative Tourism Resort in Tucheng, Xishui. In main contribution areas, a batch of five-star hotels and four-star hotels would be built there. Specialized tourism commodities should be produced to present Long March culture, beach culture and minority nationality.   


Commercial Industry and Critical Investment Points

  Commercial industry in Zunyi is pretty prosperous. At present, the impeccable   retailing system has been set up. There are more than 11,000 various commercial branches in downtown. They includes 62 medium and large commercial branches, 25 different wholesale markets covering 500m2 and more, 4 agricultural means of production covering 1000m2 and more, and 4 building materials markets covering 1000m2 and more. Now, Wal-mart, RT-Mart, Hualian Group (Beijing), Gome, Suning, Outlets, Resources (HK) and other international chain enterprises brand into Zunyi. In 2013, total value of retail sales of social consumption was 47.04 billion RMB.    


Critical Investment Points:

   Headquarters economy, large commercial branch, warehouse logistics market, specialized commercial street, supermarket chain, e-commerce, various specialized market, import of famous brand