Zunyi Fifth People’s Hospital(Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical and Pharmaceutical College)

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   Basic Information 

  According to Zunyi municipal regional health planning and the request of municipal committee and government, construction of Zunyi Fifth People’s Hospital ((Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical And Pharmaceutical College) are on the basis of regulation of upper third-class comprehensive hospital 

      Zunyi Fifth People’s Hospital Locates on the crossing of Dongxin Road and Yinhe Road, South Xincheng, Zunyi City. It has beautiful environment and green trees make shade everywhere, which makes it the only garden-style hospital. And Zunyi Fifth People’s Hospital, is the only national second-class general hospital and baby friendly hospital in South Xincheng integrating medical treatment, education and science research. Zunyi Fifth People’s Hospital is also the appointed hospital of medical insurance for urban workers and residents, the appointed hospital of New Rural Cooperative Medical System, the appointed hospital of medical insurance for workers and relatives of Chengdu Railway Bureau, the appointed hospital for critical illness (Acute Myocardial Infarction, Brain Infarction, Diabetes I) in Guizhou province, and the appointed hospital of insured intercity settlement in Guizhou Province. Zunyi Fifth People’s Hospital was awarded “The People Trusting Hospital” “The Model of Medical Ethic” and etc.  
      The area of hospital is 73,558 m2. The authorized beds are 600 while 445 of them are put into use. The current employees are 481 including 10 professors, 97 associate professors and associate senior doctors, and 128 people with senior professional titles 
       Now in the hospital, there are ICU, Internal Medicine, Digestive System Department, Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Urology, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Dental, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine, Infection, Ophthalmic, Otolaryngology, Imaging division, Ultrasound, Clinical Laboratory, Physician, Medical Care Department for Personnel and etc., totally 23 departments. The pathology consultation center and judicatory of Zunyi Medical and Pharmaceutical College establish in our hospital. 

    Main equipment: Siemens CT, Shimadzu Digital X-ray Machine (DR), C-arm X-ray Machine, Olympus Electronic Laparoscopic, Electronic Hysteroscopy and Choledochoscope, Fujinon Electronic Chromo Magnifying Colonoscopy, Electronic Bronchoscope, Holmium Laser Therapy Apparatus, EMS, Pneumatic Lithotripsy, Wolf Ureterorenoscopy, Cystoscope, Electronic Colposcope, a full set of pathology equipment; High-frequency LEEP Electric-wave knives , EEG machine, MIR Spirolab, Color Doppler Ultrasound, Transcranial Color Doppler (TCD) , the Defibrillation Monitor, Sysmex corpuscle analyzer, the Olympus Biochemical Autoanalyzers, Infrared Scanning Mammary Ductography, Laminar Flow Operating Room; Breathing machine; Multi-functional Anesthesia station and Speech Rehabilitation Evaluation System, Evaluation system, Gait Training Systems, Intelligent Limbs Rehabilitation Training Instrument, PT Training Bed, OT Comprehensive Training Station, Continuous Passive Machine, Cerebrovascular Function Treatment, Kerotherapy Instrument and other modern advanced rehabilitation equipment. 


    The location of Zunyi Municipal Mental Specialist Hospital, depending on the full financial allocation of construction of hospital from budget, is near to Zunyi International Trade City, Nanshanguan Town, Honghuagang District. The occupying space is 70,337m2 with 820 beds. 




    Zunyi Fifth People’s Hospital 


    (Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical and Pharmaceutical College) 


    Emergency Call8439120 




    Zunyi Municipal Mental Specialist Hospital 


    Emergency Call3169999 


    LocationThe crossing of Donxin Road and Yinhe Road Honghuagang District, Zunyi City. 






    Zunyi Fifth People’s Hospital 


    May 15, 2015  


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