Zunyi First People's Hospital

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   GradeUpper First-class General Hospital 


    ScaleThe hospital occupies 92,166. And construction area is 63,512. At present, there are 2,500 authorized beds in the hospital with 1,796 beds are currently used. Another 80 mu( 1mu equals to 0.0667 hectares) land has been used to expand the space of Zunyi Medical and Pharmaceutical College. The internal medicine building under construction covers an area of 140,000, and it is also the location of Zunyi Municipal Thoracic Hospital and Zunyi Municipal Trauma Management Emergency Management Hospital which are responsible for medical assistant of emergency center in Zunyi City. Zunyi First People's Hospital has complete departments (clinical departments are 38, Medical Laboratory is 16). Two clinical departments (Intensive Care Unit and Neonate Department) are the key subject supported by the state. Four clinic departments (Respiratory Medicine, Hepatobiliary surgery, Obstetrics and gynecology and Pediatrics) are key supporting subjects sustained by the Guizhou government. Exceptional lab department is the first one that passed through ISO15189 national qualify certification. Zunyi First People's Hospital also establishes two specialist hospitals (Zunyi Municipal Thoracic Hospital and Zunyi Municipal Trauma Management Emergency Management Hospital), two municipal quality control centers, four municipal  Diseases Research Institutes, Zunyi Fu Smile International Cheilopalatognathus center, Zunyi children emergency center, Zunyi mandatory 120 Emergency Medical Rescue Center. 


    Clinical Department 


    Oncology, Neurology (1, 2), Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Gastroenterology , Endocrinology, Hematology, Immune/Kidney disease, Infection, General surgery (1, 2) Galactophore and Thyroid, Orthopedic (1, 2), Thoracic Surgery, Urology Surgery, Burns Plastic Surgery, Neurosurgery (1, 2), Gynecology and Bbstetrics, Ophthalmic, Otorhinolaryngology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Rehabilitation, Pediatric (1,2,3), Pediatric Surgery, Neonatology, Pediatric Intensive Medicine, Intensive Medicine, Dermatology, Anorectal, Dental, Geriatrics Department, Emergency Department,  Anaesthesia. 


    Medical LaboratoryImaging Department, Ultrasound Department, Pathological Department, Clinical Laboratory, Cardiovascular Ultrasound Department, Nuclear Medicine Department, Percutaneous Room, Infection management Section, Clinical Medicine Division, Disinfection Supply Room, Pharmacy (Chinese & Western), Out-patient department. 


    Key Subject Intensive Care Unit and Neonate Department are the key subject supported by the state. Respiratory Medicine, Hepatobiliary surgery, Obstetrics and gynecology and Pediatrics are key supporting subjects sustained by the Guizhou government. Quality Control CenterZunyi Municipal Clinical Quality Control Center and Zunyi Municipal Nursing Quality Control Center  


    Personnel StructureThere are 2,090 employees in Zunyi First People's Hospital including 1,851 health technicians, 298 people have senior professional titles, 339 people have junior professional titles, 1254 people have primary professional titles. At present, 11 associates have PHD degree, 133 associates have master’s degree. And 26 people are PhD candidates while 48 people are postgraduates.  


    Teaching CapabilityZunyi First People's Hospital is the third non-directly affiliated hospital and the third clinical college of Zunyi Medical And Pharmaceutical College. Zunyi First People's Hospital is responsible for the teaching task of two undergraduate classes and postgraduates classes. For now, there are 20 supervisors of graduate students in Zunyi First People's Hospital. It is also the standard training base of resident physicians, of rotation for general practitioner, of neonatal asphyxiated resuscitation, of clinical pathway management and of Hospital information construction.  


    Large equipment 


    Zunyi First People's Hospital is equipped with all kinds of advanced equipment for diagnosis, treatment and science research. They are Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Digital Subtraction Angiography, Spiral CT, Large C-armed X-ray Machine, CR, Laparoscopic, Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy, Automatic Biochemical Analyzer,Tumour high-frequency hyperthermia system, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, Excimer Laser Surgical Instrument, Phacoemulsification Machine, Internal Gamma Knife and etc., totally more than 500 pieces instruments. 


    Treatment Technology 


    Joint and Vertebral Body replacement, Brain Bypass, CRT Implantation, Ventricles Repair, Double Valve Replacement, Minimally Brain Invasive , Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, ERCP, Cerebral vascular intervention, Cardiac Intervention Therapy, , Hysteroscopy Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, Arthroscopic Surgery, Intraocular Lens Implantation, Excimer Laser treatment, Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy Treatment and other technologies. 


    Social EfficiencyAt present, the average number of emergency room visits is 820,000.Discharged patients are 65,000. And 25,000 surgeries are performed every year.  


    AwardThe awards has been received for last 5 years, National Advanced Group of Health System, National Civilized Unit, National Innovative Reform Award of Public Hospital, 100 National People Assured  Demonstrated Hospital  


    AddressNo.98, Fenghuang Road, Zunyi City 



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