International plaza

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  Address: Zhuhai, Road, Manhattan's times Square, Huichuan, District, Zunyi City 

  wifi: Available 

  Affiliated regional: Huichuan 

  The parking lot : Available 

  International plaza covers an area of 63700 square meters (including the ground 5 layers plus 3 underground layers). It is located in the intersection of Zhuhai Road and Nanjing road ,and the heart of the core business circle of the new development zone. Rich customers structure is the foundation of the late the project success. The superior geographical position decided the project faces the customers not only from the urban district, at the same time also attracts consumers who are in old city and subordinate counties city. The planning principles of store weight function and light goods. And combine multiple formats of industries. It reflects "one-stop shopping" with multi-functional large-scale commercial property. International plaza is a high-end shopping center (shopping mall) and comprehensive concept store, this project is prominent property design and planning aspects of the characteristics of commercial subject, forms. As one of the future high-end comprehensive shopping center, it   highlight collection of shopping, leisure, entertainment, catering, culture . 


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