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Long Changchun presided over and held the river head system city le...2018-01-09

The second meeting of the fifth session of the Municipal People’s ...2018-01-05

The second meeting of the fifth session of Municipal Political Cons...2018-01-04

The fifth session of the municipal government second times plenary ...2017-12-28

The Municipal Standing Committee held a meeting2017-12-25

The construction and development conference on the City’s small to...2017-12-21

Moving into a new era writing a new chapter2017-12-19

The third session of round table meeting of the secretary and princ...2017-12-14

The Southwest Branch Courts of Chinese Academy of Football Sports s...2017-12-11

Our city commemorate International Volunteer Day2017-12-05

The city’s promoting conference on the spiritual civilization cons...2017-12-06

The municipal government held press conference2017-11-29

The watching summing-up meeting on the spot of the city’s tertiary...2017-11-29

Our city held poverty alleviation “Chishui Experience” seminar2017-11-20

Long Changchun emphasized that strengthening marketing expanding t...2017-11-20

Provincial Party Committee Preaching Group preaches the spirit of t...2017-11-16

The Central Group of Municipal Party Committee convenes a centraliz...2017-11-16

The 30th anniversary celebration assembly of the establishment of W...2017-11-06

The Propaganda Culture Systems directly under the Propaganda Depart...2017-11-07