Zunyi News

Wei Shuwang visited the old Party members2018-07-02

The Municipal Standing Committee held a meeting2018-06-28

Wei Shuwang leads his party to inspect Wujiang2018-06-20

Long Changchun had a talking with the president of Wanda Group Wang...2018-06-15

The special conference of the reform and reorganization of Municipa...2018-06-14

Long Changchun went to Zun Titanium Group Corporation to investigat...2018-06-06

The 2018 Zunyi sub-forum of Big Data Expo was held2018-05-28

The 2018 China·Guizhou International Tea Culture Festival and Tea ...2018-05-09

The Municipal Standing Committee held meeting to convey and study r...2018-05-04

The Municipal Standing Committee held meeting2018-05-04

Wei Shuwang requires speeding up the construction of “two district...2018-04-12

Our city carries out “our festival·Tomb-sweeping Day” theme acti...2018-04-04

Long Changchun investigates and surveys Guizhou Steel and Rope Grou...2018-03-19

Our City’s Party members listen to the special lecture on “the le...2018-03-19

Guizhou “Internet + All the People Voluntary Forestation” Zunyi v...2018-03-13

Long Changchun goes to Huichuan District to investigate and survey2018-03-13

The renovation project of culture and tourism synthesis of Chairman...2018-03-08

Long Changchun goes to the Municipal Transportation Bureau to inspe...2018-03-07

The third plenary meeting of the fifth Municipal Discipline Commiss...2018-02-28