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The Municipal Standing Committee held a meeting2017-09-20

Long Chnagchun emphasized that firming self-confidence strengtheni...2017-09-12

The promotion conference on 2017 Zunyi creating national civilized ...2017-09-08

The 2017 National Tourism Quality Supervision Law Enforcement and S...2017-09-07

Wei Shuwang emphasized: scheduling in high level rectify finely qui...2017-09-06

Wei Shuwang emphasized in creating the national civilized city work...2017-08-29

The national Chongqing merchants hold an investment promotion meeti...2017-08-28

Changchun met with the parliamentarian of European Parliament Vaugh...2017-08-23

Long Changchun goes to Wuchuan Autonomous County to investigate and...2017-08-21

The voluntary service activity—“Cigarette butts don’t fall·Zuny...2017-08-14

Long Changchun emphasized improving political stance carrying out ...2017-08-11

The city’s implementation of the central environmental protection ...2017-08-09

The Zunyi Work Center Chinese (Zunyi Institute of Advanced Studies)...2017-08-08

The Municipal Standing Committee held an enlarged meeting2017-08-02

Wei Shuwang meets the responsible person of the National Electric P...2017-07-31

The fifth session of Municipal Party Committee third times plenary ...2017-07-27

The videophone conference on the province’s economic work was held2017-07-25

Municipal Standing Committee held enlarged meeting2017-07-19

The advanced deeds report of Huang Dafa was held in our city2017-07-18