Zunyi News

The Standing Committee of Municipal Party Committee held a meeting2019-04-02

Wei Shuwang presided over the special meeting of municipal government2019-03-20

The City’s working meeting of Big Data Development was held2019-03-12

The Vice Governor Wu Qiang comes to Zunyi to investigate and survey2019-03-08

Wei Shuwang went to Bozhou District to research2019-02-27

Our city’s cadres and workers carry out voluntary tree planting ac...2019-02-12

The Zunyi Spring Festival Gala in 2019 performed wonderfully2019-01-29

The old red army Li Guang comrade passed away2019-01-14

The municipal government arranged and deployed the key work of this...2019-01-08

Long Changchun and the head of China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co.,...2019-01-02

The municipal government arranges relevant key work at the end of t...2018-12-26

City leaders focused on celebrating the 40 anniversary of reform an...2018-12-19

The secretary of Municipal Party Committee Long Changchun presided ...2018-12-12

The city’s symposium on private enterprises was held2018-12-03

Wei Shuwang had an informal discussion with members of the Municipa...2018-11-29

The Municipal Standing Committee held a meeting2018-11-13

The municipal government signed a cooperation agreement with Greenl...2018-11-09

The Municipal Standing Committee held a meeting2018-11-02

Fan Yuanping dispatched the construction work of medical and rehabi...2018-10-30