Wei Shuwang emphasized in creating the national civilized city work scheduling meeting check missing traps fill the short board tamp the foundation precisely and finely

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    On August 28th, Wei Shuwang, the deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and the mayor, held creating the national civilized city work scheduling meeting at NO. 1 meeting room of the municipal government. The Municipal Standing Committee, the propaganda minister Zhengxin attended the meeting.  

    Wei Shuwang emphasized, creating national civilized city is the important start point and platform to promote the development of Zunyi, is the comprehensive reflection and concrete manifestation to examine the executive ability, and work achievements of party member and cadres. The departments at all levels should further confirm confidence, fully understand that creating the national civilized city the effective way and work handle to let city get benefits, let city get development, improve the quality of the people, and let society become harmonious.  

    Wei Shuwang required, standing in the pattern of the future development of Zunyi to consider and plan current work, further accurate benchmarking, precisely play force, seriously check missing traps, perfect details, efforts to enhance the quality. In particular, we should hold constantly and unremittingly, further consolidate and improve the creation achievements, and truly implement the institutionalized, long-term, fine “creating the national civilized city” work mechanism. 

    Zheng Xin informed the prominent problems in the work of creating the national civilized city, and arranged and deployed the specific work. 

    The Secretary General of Municipal Government Zhao Jifeng, the mainly responsible comrades of Honghuagang District, Huichuan District, Bozhou district and Xinpu New District Administrative Committee, the Southern District Administrative Committee, the responsible comrades of the relevant municipal departments and the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Municipal Creating the National Civilized City Office attended the meeting. 

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