Wei Shuwang emphasized: scheduling in high level rectify finely quickly starting a new upsurge of creating civilized city of university

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    On September 5th, Wei Shuwang, the deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, the mayor, and the commander of the Municipal creating national civilized city headquarters presided over the university’s creating civilized city work scheduling meeting.  

  The City’s leaders: Song Xiaolu, Zhengxin, Zhang Jiyong, Li Lianna, the secretary general of municipal government Zhang Jifeng and others attended the meeting. 

  The meeting pointed out that, at present, the city is working together, unite as one, and fully strive for the l honor of the national civilized city. Local universities should further unify thinking; enhance understanding, carefully comparison of the standard of 2017 National Civilized City Evaluation System, accurately grasp the implementation and rectification of problem.  

  Wei Shuwang stressed that local universities should further enhance the sense of responsibility, emission and urgency, to fully understand the creating civilized city work not only is the important way to conscientiously implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s a series of important speeches, to do a good job of universities’ ideological and political propaganda, but also is a great opportunity to further improve the hardware facilities, strengthen the construction of civilized campus, promote college students’ work to leap to a new step. 

  The meeting informed the universities’ outstanding problems when they compared to the standard of 2017 National Civilized City Evaluation System and cleared the deadline of fully implement problems and rectify. 

  The relevant responsible comrades of Municipal government office, the Municipal Education Bureau, the Municipal Government Supervision Room, Xinpu New New District Management Committee and Zunyi City’s universities attended the meeting. 

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