Long Chnagchun emphasized that firming self-confidence strengthening integration promoting Zunyi cultural industry to transform and upgrade

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  On September 11th, the focusing learning committee of the Central Group of Municipal Party Committee was held at the Zunyi Cadre College. Ye Xiaowen, CPPCC National Committee member, the deputy director of literature and history learning committee was invited to give a special lecture on “the cultural background of the rise of great powers” for the leading cadres of our party members. Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary of the Municipal Party committee Long Changchun presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. 

  The chairman of Municipal Political Consultative Conference Xu Guanghua, the deputy secretary of Municipal Party Committee, the Secretary of Municipal Committee of Politics and Law Song Xiaolu, Municipal Standing Committee, the the relevant leaderships of Municipal People’s Congress, the municipal government, Municipal Political Consultative Conference, the responsible comrades of Municipal Intermediate People’s Court and Municipal People's Procuratorate participate in the learning meeting. 

  When Long Changchun presiding over the lecture, he pointed out that the unique culture of Zunyi which accumulates the deepest spiritual pursuit of the Zunyi people, represents the most distinctive spiritual symbol of the Zunyi people. The city’s cadres and the masses should continuously enhance the “four self-confidence”, especially cultural self-confidence, identify the focal point of self-confidence, vigorously develop the Chinese excellent traditional cultures, red revolutionary cultures, advanced socialist cultures, let the spirit of Zunyi lead social style, continue buildind the spirit highland of Zunyi. 

  Long Changchun stressed that the emerging cultural format has become a new development momentum, if Zunyi wants to narrow the gap with the developed areas, it should make efforts in cultural integration, and constantly improve the market supply level of cultural products, and continuously satisfy the people’s demand for the rapid growth of cultural diversity. 

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