The municipal government holds the twelfth executive meeting

Published: 2017-09-29  |  source:  |  Views:


  On September 28th, the mayor Wei Shuwang presided over and held the twelfth executive meeting of the municipal government. 

  Wei Shuwang stressed that doing a good job in security and stability, economic development, style building, self-discipline and other work during the festival is very important to manifest absolutely loyal to the Party, is an important ruler to test “Four Consciousnesses”, is the real test of responsibility, ability, and work style. 

  Wei Shuwang required, to firmly establish the development thought of taking people as the center, to further strengthen the investigation, resolution, stability control and disposal of contradictions and disputes “four in one” mechanism, to further strengthen production safety responsibility system, the fully implement the enterprise subject responsibility and department supervision responsibility, and further strengthen the patrol guard and security precaution, to further strengthen emergency duty, unrelentingly grasp the safe and stable work, to realistically achieve “the seven resolutely prevents” and “five can’t happens”, to ensure the harmony, safety and stability of the City. 

  The vice mayors Wu Jianhui, Wang Xingnan, Li Nianna, Jiang Lingchun, Fang Dong attended the meeting. The Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government and the principals of the relevant units directly under the municipal government attended the meeting. 

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